Terms of Use for ChiroInternet.com Services

This is the terms of use for all subscription based services provided by Chirointernet.com, such as the website design and marketing package with monthly payments. By purchasing our services you are agreeing that you have read, are fully aware, in agreement with and will abide by this entire document. This is a legal binding document.

Last updated 12/11/2009.

  1. Definitions

    The following are definitions that apply to our terms of use/disclaimer statement.

    Terms of Use - a phrase used to indicate the statement explaining the kind of agreement a client and provider will have with each other regarding some type of service or product and it's use.

    We - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com and Gallagher Website Design.

    Us - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com and Gallagher Website Design.

    I - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com and Gallagher Website Design.

    Provider - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com, http://www.chirointernet.com and the company Gallagher Website Design.

    Client - the legal entity signing up for services with the provider.

    chirointernet.com - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.chirointernet.com and the company Gallagher Website Design.

    gallagherwebsitedesign.com - associates, members, employees, and owner(s) of http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com and the company Gallagher Website Design.

    Gallagher Website Design - employees and owner(s) of the company Gallagher Website Design.

    Users / Viewers / The user / The viewer - that person, persons, group, groups, party or parties which view(s) or interact(s) in any way with this website (http://www.gallagherwebsitedesign.com).

  2. The Goal

    The goal of the subscription based services for website design and marketing with monthly payments is to use the Internet to provide the client and their office with potiental leads and patients.
  3. Services Provided

    1. Website Design

      The provider will create, develop and maintain a website for the client. The website's design will typically be one chosen from a template (pre-made design). The main content (as set by the provider) will be able to be edited by the client using the provider's own editing software.
    2. Newsletters

      The client will be able to send and create email newsletter from their online account. The newsletter program will allow the client to also view statistics of their newsletters - these statists may or may not be 100% accurate.
    3. Marketing

      The provider will develop and design the website in a way that will increase its chances to be listed higher in the search engines for keywords the provider researches and finds appropriate. Marketing will also include social media sites Twitter and Facebook. The provider will setup account with these sites and manage them. The office will also be setup with Google's Local Business Listings with a map and information about the office. This listing will be optimize to better it's chances of showing up higher in the search engines. As well the company and website may be submitted to online directories, press release sites and other website in order to provide these marketing services.

      The provider does not guarantee any specific placement or ranking in the search engines but will work to improve the ranking of the website. In fact Google.com warms about such statments, "Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings..." (Google. Search Engine Optimization. Webmaster/Site Owners Help. 2009.)

    4. Social Media Websites

      The office, staff and website will be marked on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The client gives the provider the right to represent them on these websites. The provider will not lie, falsify or state he or she is a specific staff member or doctor. The provider may pose as the Internet marketer or associate for the client or client's office. The client gives the provider the rights to do this.

      The provider is not responsiable for any comments, posts or messages written by patients or other memebers of the social media sites. The client acknolegest that the provider does not have the ability to screen what other users may comment, post or submit on any of the social media sites.

      The client agrees that the provider will be held accountable for any direct or indirect damages or harm done from marketing on social media websites.

  4. Service Interuptions

    Being that services provided are online sometimes service can be interrupted due to many factors some comply out of the provider's control. The client acknowledges that such disruptions are part of having a website and marketing online. Although the provider works to keep these are minimal as possible.
  5. Information Collected

    Information is gathered by many ways and sources. The provider as well as each website the provider develops including our own website may collect information through web site statistic scripts and programs, contact and other online forms, phone calls/messages, emails and other types of electronic communication. This information may be stored on a computer or in hard-copy. The client gives the provider the right to store any of the information collected and to store it in any means deamed nessary in order to provide the services to the client and to retain should the information be needed in the future. Should the client wish to have any information removed from storage by the provider, they simply need to put in writting what information they wish not to have stored in which way and send that to the provider in a timly manner.
  6. Cancelation of Services

    The client or provider is able to cancel services at any time.
    1. Client Cancelation

      1. How To

        Should the client wish to cancel services they should use the payment unsubscribe link to stop future billing and charges. If the client does not have this link they need only ask the provider for the link. The provider will have 48 hours to produce the link and the client is not held liable for any charges or billing during that time. The client is responsible for using this link and performing the unsubscribe process correctly. Should he/she not do it correctly then the provider is not liable for any billing or charges the client receives as a result.
      2. Actions and Results

        When the client cancels services if they have had their service for 5 months or more they will be given the website's files, content, pages, videos and images. The reason for a 5 month required subscription time is that will cover the very basic costs of creating the website.

        The provider still maintains the rights of the template design. The client will not be given special features like the editor and newsletter creating software - these are property of the provider. The client will be given the rights to the domain name (example: www.YourName.com).

        The client must provide a web hosting account and domain name account to the provider so the website and it's files can be move into the client's control. These costs are the client's responsibility.

        All marketing done on the website and for the chiropractic office will cease when the client cancels their account. Social media accounts in both Twitter and Facebook will be given over to the client as long as they are able to be transferred into their control. The provider is not responsible for any harm directly or indirectly done as a result of ceasing work on marketing due to cancelation of services.

    2. Provider Cancelation

      Should the provider cancel services the same terms under the client cancelation apply.
  7. Updates to this Policy

    This policy may be updated at any time. It is strictly the responsibility of the client to keep himself or herself up to date with what may be written in this document at any given moment. At any time the provider has the right to make any changes to this document they deem suitable. When changes are made to this document the client will be notified that changes have been made, this notification maybe a simple as an email alert.